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About SJTU Network Center
    Network Center (NC) of Shanghai Jiao Tong University formerly Computing Center was founded in1973. It is one of the earliest and biggest in Chinese high schools. With the increasing scale of SJTU, a branch was set up in Minhang campus in 1987.According to the blueprint of SJTUs campus networks and informatization construction, Network Information Center (NIC) was established in 1996. After Informatization Office founded in July, 2004, Network Information Center was renamed as Network Center.
    Network Center plays three major roles: Regional Network Center of East China(South) of China Education and Research Network (Cernet), Network Center of Shanghai Education and Research (Shernet), Network Center of Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTUnet). Besides undertaking many national science and research key projects, Network Center has also carried on a lot of R&D domestic and international projects.
    From the beginning, Network Center has teaching, services and research on its shoulders. Through its 30-year history, large numbers of outstanding figures has been nurtured and made significant contributions to the thriving and prosperity of the nation. Up to now, network center has nurtured more than 120 graduate students and Ph.D., and also provided favorable R&D environment and many research projects for about 100 graduate and Ph.D. students major in System Structure.
    Now the campus network backbone bandwidth of SJTU has been upgraded to 10G by using WDM, which is also the first one of all the Chinese high schools. Now there are about 70km optical fiber cable between the campuses and 57km optical fiber cable in the campuses. Through the computer networks, all the five campuses of SJTU have been connected faster and closer, also with the universities, scientific research institutions and corporations both at home and abroad. All the students of SJTU are entitled to Internet free access, they can surf the internet in their dormitories. Furthermore, Network Center has also provided the campus network users with a lot of free services, such as Email, Ftp, VOD and Virus scan on line.

About Extreme

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